Homeboyz radio has promoted youngstar Jakes Nyanjom, just a few days after the departure of Kerry Martin, who has been with the station for nearly a decade.

Kerry Martin announced his departure during his final show on Thursday, May 9th, and thanked his fans and colleagues for their support. Martin has been a regular on Homeboyz since 2015, engaging listeners alongside co-hosts Lotan Salapei and Mike Wachira.

While the station valued Kerry’s work, the Drive Show has found an ideal substitute named Nyanjom. The young star is also the son of former Radio Citizen presenter Joyce Gituro.

Interestingly, Jakes has been working at the station as an intern for 6 months and then had a training for 2 months. His promotion exemplifies hard work and consistency, especially in radio.


Jakes, who is only 20 years old, has the highest-rated nighttime show in the country, and he is dedicated to improving the Drive Show. Following his promotions, Kenyans have celebrated him for being successful at such a young age.

On a recent interview, Jake Nyanjom says he has always been passionate about entertainment. He recalled how when he was young he used to tell his mom to wake him up to go for the Sunday show with his mum.At times his mum would refuse to wake him up and say that he is straining to wake up early in the morning.

Regarding content creation,he says he loved content from wayback. He mentioned that through his content creation he has made alot of deals.Jake used to be an actor in highschool and acting has always been his passion

He mentioned that content creation is one of the things that has opened ways for him till he got to radio Africa.

His ambition is to continue doing content till he gets to the big screen. Jakes happens to have a good mother son relationship  with his mother where he shares secrets with her and the mother also tells him some secrets.

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