Controversial Kisii gospel musician Christopher Musioma aka Embarambamba is begging for financial help, a bid that is aimed at rescuing his threatened music career.

Through a video he shared online, Embarambamba said that he is required to pay a licence fee to KFCB within 2 moths before releasing more songs. The fee currently stands at slightly over Ksh1 million.

The notices he received from KFCB has seen him get confused and encounter sleepless nights and he is hoping that well wishers will step in to help him.

“Kenyans this is the second envelope I have received from the Kenya Films Classification Board, KFCB. They are saying they have given me two months to pay for licence for the songs that I have released.  At this point I am confused, I am having sleepless nights since I saw the Kshs6.4 million. They fee has been reduced and they are saying I pay Kshs1million and 38 something there about. I have to pay the amount for me to continue with my music career. I am confused, I don’t know how yopu will help me. The governors, senators, MCAs, MPs and all those who have been  blessed in the country of Kenya, I don’t know how you can help me. I am confused and I have gotten any sleep,” the worried singer said.

@chrisembarambamba254♬ original sound – chris Embarambamba

Embarambamba and KFCB held a meeting on March 14, 2024 about his controversial music content, at the film Board’s office in Uchumi House, Nairobi.

The singer was accompanied by his lawyer Danstan Omari and other legal representatives.

“The Board can confirm that the artist has since deleted hundreds of indecent music videos on his YouTube channel. In addition, the ‘Gospel’ singer issued a Public Apology over his non-compliance and committed to creating, distributing and exhibiting content that conforms to Kenya’s culture, moral values and National aspirations, and which is not inappropriate to the minors and vulnerable adults,” KFCB said.

KFCB also issued a demand notice to Eldoret-based gospel singer William Getumbe to delete his inappropriate content on streaming platforms. Getumbe failed to comply and was arrested by KFCB officers.


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