Christopher Monsioma alias Embarambamba has come out to officially apologize to the Kenya Films and Classification Board (KFCB) following their directive to have him pill down his YouTube videos.

The Kenya Film Classification Board on Monday gave directions to the controversial gospel singer following a meeting initiated over his “indecent content”

In a statement after the meeting, KFCB directed the singer to delete all music videos uploaded on his YouTube channel and other social media platforms within the remaining two days of their earlier demand notice.

Embarambamba has however pleaded with the board to forgive him in a video shared online. He said that his children will suffer if he is to pull down the songs.
the artist who has garnered over 6.4 million views on his songs on YouTube, claims that that is his only source of income.

“Kenya Films Classification Board please naomba msamaha kwa sababu ile barua mmeniwekeakwa mkono yangu ni nzito. ninajua binadamu aliyezaliwa na mwanamke hawezi kosa makosa, “Embarambamba begged.

“Na binadamu yeyote nimeimba nyimbo ikamkasirisha , naomba msamaha. mimi nilijua nafanya hizi nyimbo za Mungu ndio watoto wangu wasome, watoto wangu wakule vizuri na mimi nikuwe mzuri maisha yangu,” he continued to plead.

Last week, gospel artists Embarambamba and William Getumbe were ordered to pull down their latest songs from across all media platforms for violating the Films and Stage Plays Act.

KFCB acting CEO Nelly Muluka said their songs titled โ€˜Niko Uchiโ€™ and โ€˜Yesu Ninyandueโ€™ respectively contravene the law and threaten the safety of children and the general public at large.

Embarambamba rose to fame largely by executing vigorous dance moves and acrobatic manoeuvres that often leave his audience bewildered.

In most of his live acts and videos, he jumps on roofs, hangs on roofing trusses, rolls in muddy puddles, chases cattle, uproots crops and climbs trees.

In the latest video that hadย  caused onlineย  uproar, he is seen dancing naked in the middle of a river.

“Mngeniskiza. Kuliko nidelete nyimbo zangu kutoka Youtube, mnibakishie kidogo ili nisomeshe watoto wangu na wapate kitu ya kukula. 6.4 million views yote jamani?” Embarambamba further begged in the video.

KFCB urged content creators to produce content that promotes Kenyaโ€™s culture, moral values, and national aspirations, while ensuring that children are not exposed to inappropriate content.

KFCB has not yet responded to him and its still not clear the fate that Embarambamba will suffer.

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