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On Wednesday, Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Korir Sing’oei detailed the official government position on the issue of Stephen Bertrand Munyakho, a Kenyan national facing execution in Saudi Arabia.

During a media interview with a local media house, the PS stated that the government has asked Kenyan Saudi Arabia raAmbassador Mohamed Ruwange to intervene and pursue every diplomatic solution available to save Munyakho.

The PS also stated that, while it is wonderful that Kenyans have showed an interest in banding together to raise the Ksh150 million required to save him from the death penalty, it does not necessarily have to come to that.

“Our ambassador today had a meeting with his counterpart within the Saudi Foreign Ministry and conversation has commenced,” Sing’oei said.

“We hope to know the direction in the next few weeks, but there will most likely be an opportunity to return to court for a review of this particular penalty because it appears that there is no other option but to carry out the death penalty,” he added.

Munyakho is suspected of causing the death of his workmate, a Yemeni national, following a quarrel between them.

The Kenyan man has been imprisoned in Saudi Arabia since 2011.

Following the court session, the victim’s family demanded the Kenyan’s execution. However, after years of contesting the judgment, the family decided on a another solution: pay the blood money of Ksh150 million.

According to the court decision, Munyakho’s family must raise Ksh150 million before  and his family has up to May 15, 2024 to raise the required money or he will be hanged.

His mother, Dorothy Kweyu, has asked Kenyans to help raise the funds. She contended that her son did not mean to commit the murder of the dead.

“The execution is too horrific to fathom. Therefore, we appeal to you all to assist us raise this money,” she declared, requesting 1 million Kenyans to donate Ksh150 each.

Munyakho is now being detained at Shimeisi Prison in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

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