Saudi Arabia

39-year old Irene Atieno from  Gogo-Katina village in Homa County has been stuck in Saudi Arabia since mid last year.

She is bedridden and has been living with another Kenyan woman in the gulf country  after leaving her employer’s house due to her illness.

Her family , now in distress, says their biggest fear is that the mother of two may die there due to the illness gripping her everyday.

According to her father Justus Odira, Irene left the country for Saudi Arabia in 2021 to work as a house help.

“My daughter got an opportunity to travel to the Middle East to work as a house help. Before she fell sick she would complain of being overworked,” Odira said.

Atieno traveled back to the country early last year where she narrated her ordeal to her family but upon hearing her story, the family advised her not to return to the foreign country.

Atieno however did not heed to her family’s advice and  decided to leave home for a second time in June last year to go back to the same employer in

Shortly after, Odira said he was informed that his daughter had been sick and admitted in hospital.

“We’ve not yet established what happened to her. As a family we’re not getting clear information about her situation,” the father said.

Efforts by her family to bring her back have remained futile therefore appealing to the government to intervene by helping them to bring their daughter back to Kenya.

The family say that they want their daughter to receive medical attention in Kenya where they can monitor her.

“My daughter’s travel documents have also been withheld by her employer. We appeal for urgent intervention to save the life of my daughter,” Odira said.

It is reported that Atieno cannot walk and must use a wheelchair to move around and this continues to put her family in a state of concern.


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