Controversial content Creator Andrew Kibe has revealed that he last spoke to his mother 6 months ago and their conversation did not end well.

According to him, he doesn’t like speaking to his mother because she addresses him like a child, forgetting that he was now a different person. Kibe said that he resisted that, adding that it was a form of manipulation.

” Coz mama any time anataka kunipigia simu anataka kunidunga na mimi si mtoto wake ule anakumbuka. Am not that guy. Anytime she calls me she expects to talk to me like when I was a child. That guy is dead. This guy doesn’t appreciate what you are doing can you talk to me like a grown up. Just come through the front door, that is it, what is it we are discussing, simple. This mambo of ‘you know I am your mother’ why are you leading with that, I resisted that manipulation so she doesn’t fInd it very interesting to talk to me,” he said in a Facebook video.

Kibe added that he wouldn’t ignore his mother’s call but she urged her to talk to her husband instead, as he is still alive, sayinmg he doesn’t have her time

“I will answer her phone call but she does not like when I tell her this things. You know her husband is still alive. Go talk to him, hii energy hainiletii. Mi sina time yako and she is my mum, the one who gave birth to me wale wanashika heartburn on behalf of my mother please watch yourselves,” he said.

Early this month, Kibe stirred netizens when he teamed up with Mungai Eve for her first YouTube video in a her new channel. In the interview, he revealed why he doesn’t consider marrying.

“Marriage is a waste of time. I have no intention of ever getting married again. There is a certain character of man that can get married and I am not that guy.

“You cannot be in this content game and have someone who is not. Plus again think about it hii game yetu ni ya usherati. Ni ya watu komove from one to the next. There is too much going on to have someone who is waiting for you at home,” he said.

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