Comedian Mulamwah recently joined the list of celebrities who are owners of high end vehicles.

Mulamwah acquired a Mercedes and emotions ran high when his wife Ruth K saw it for the first time.

“I feel like crying you know it is a big achievement. I don’t believe its ours, congratulations,” the mother of one said.

“I have also not believed in the first place but it’s God. It is not easy. We have been through a lot,” Mulamwah revealed.

According to them, they have been humiliated a couple of times  but they are grateful that God opened a way for them top have their own ride.

“The way we have been struggling. Kuna siku tulioder taxi msee akacancel na tulikuwa tunataka kuharakisha place tulikuwa tunaenda. I am just so grateful. I am just excited. I am so thankful to God, everything is just possible,” Ruth said as she broke down.

“Everything is possible. Mimi nimeambiwa kila kitu, nimetusiwa. Not that this is a big achievement. It is an achievement but it is not the epitome of life. There is more to life than just  material things and staff but we should be thankful to God for  everything,” Mulamwah added.

They went on to narrate another incident of how a friend humiliated them after they were stranded in Naivasha.

“Unakumbuka tulikwama Naivasha tukaambiwa tuko stranded. Tulienda na gari ya beshte yetu huko ikaharibika. Tukarudishwa na ya msee kufika huku anatangaza ati si tulikuwa tumekwama,” Mulamwah recalled and Ruth commented saying,”That thing really hurt me.”

“Sometimes ilikuwa tukitoka event, wee had to run away from the event because tukianza kuorder taxi na watu tunakuwa stranded,” Mulamwah further shared

In other instances, taxi drivers cancelled trips after knowing their destination

“Tushaiorder taxi tano na ni usiku, 11 almost 12, msee anakuambia tu huko siendi,” Ruth said.


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