Stevo Simple Boy has parted ways with his wife Grace Atieno after she cheated and got pregnant for another man.

The two dated since 2019 and moved in together in 2023 and it later emerged that Grace was expecting another man’s child.

Stevo said that he was certain the pregnancy was not his, after receiving a vision, but he accepted to continue living with Grace.

“I felt the child was not mine but according to my understanding, when girls nowadays make a mistake, is when they become aware. Things changed when she went to deliver. One of her relatives called to inform me that the baby is not mine, it belongs to another man,” he opened up.

He however questioned why Grace didn’t call him so that they could name the baby. The two have since not sorted out their matter, and Grace is threatening to go to the media and share her side of the story.

He also said that he never caught her cheating, wondering how things went wrong.

“I have never caught her red-handed cheating but we used to communicate even when she would go to their home in Taita. I don’t how things went wrong,” Stevo said.

Following the heartbreak, Stevo said that he will remain single  in the meantime, asking those eyeing him to give him time.

“The problem is, will I find the one who is true. Many are after fame and money. The one who will truly love Stevo Simple Boy lacks,” the rapper said.

“Grace is the only one that I truly loved and got married to. The other women was all about work,” he added.

The rapper also dispelled claims that he was the one who drove Grace to cheat noting that he had given her freedom, respected her and never laid his hand on her.

He proceeded to share some of the things that he had learnt from his failed marriage.

” Before entering marriage, ensure that you know someone well, know their home and she should know yours as well, there are things that you should discuss in depth


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