Haitian powerful gang leader Jimmy Cherizier, has warned other countries against interfering in Haiti’s affairs amid the chaos that have put the country in distress for the past two weeks.

Speaking to the Spanish Language network, W Radio, on Wednesday, March 13, Cherizier, alias Barbecue, said that the only people who have the mandate to restore the country’s calmness are it’s citizens.

Barbecue discouraging any foreign intervention, questioned their motives stating that each country seeks to defend its interests on such matters.

“The solution to the problem of Haiti is in Haitians, no other country should intervene. Each country defends its interests…What we need is to change our living conditions,” he stated.

After ex Prime Minister Ariel Henry’s resignation, the United States gave Haitian gangs 24 hours to produce a representative to sit on the transitional council that would be in charge of appointing the interim Prime Minister.

This resignation was however dismissed by Cherizier  noting that the country’s fight for freedom is still on.

“We do not care about Ariel Henry’s resignation. We will continue the fight for Haiti’s liberation,” the gang leader noted.

Cherizier however said that he was not interested in any political position insisting that his keen interest remained for the Haitian economy to improve.

During the interview Barbecue pointed out that the main issue facing Haitians is the politicians and not armed gangs.

“The real problem is not the armed gangs. Certainly, they have the responsibility, but the first problem is the politicians. There is a battle to liberate this country. I am sorry for the deaths because lives matter but there is a battle and collateral damage,” he stated.

Cherizier said as a country, they had hope with slain President Jovenel Moise’s government saying that he had the country’s well-being was one of his main agenda.

“I did not have a good relationship with President Moise but what I know is that he was the son of a poor family and wanted change for Haiti. If they don’t change, these people, they will kill them,” Barbecue pointed out.

This warning comes as Kenya among other countries prepare to head the peacekeeping mission to Haiti by sending 1,000 security officers to the Caribbean nation.

The deployment, according to President William Ruto, will happen once the presidential council is put in place.





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