In the realm of Kenyan Gengetone music, the recent inquiry by a Twitter user regarding the whereabouts of Ngesh Wa Vasha, the Kaveve Kazoze hitmaker, has sparked a wave of curiosity among fans.

Ngesh has maintained a low profile since the year began, with many wanting to know what she is up to.

“Ngesh wa Kaveve Kazoze alienda wapi?” the X user wondered, prompting hilarious responses as well as genuine concerns.

The promising female rapper, a member of the Spider Clan group, gained fame with their hit song “Kaveve Kazoze.” However, the reality behind the scenes paints a starkly different picture. In a revelation during an interview with Jalango TV last December, Ngesh disclosed the group’s financial struggles despite promises, including a supposed 5 million reward. The group, now in pursuit of employment, confessed that their pockets remained dry, leaving them in a state of disillusionment.

“People out there think we have money, but when you meet them in the streets, you can’t tell them you are broke,” Ngesh lamented. The situation became so dire that she had to abandon her bag-selling venture in town.

Despite the success of their official song, released eight months ago and amassing over 4 million views, the group, comprised of Naivasha residents who grew up together, faced challenges in replicating the initial positive response with subsequent releases.

Their plight extended to a claim that the former Nairobi governor, Mike Sonko, had allegedly failed to come through for them in their time of need. In a revealing video, Ngesh was seen washing clothes at her rural home in Naivasha. Responding to the video, Ngesh disclosed that external opinions had influenced their decision to return to the village. “Eneyewe mwalimu wa maths alituroga…alisema hatuezi enda mbali tumerudi shagz,” she shared, acknowledging the unexpected turn their fame had taken.

Social media responses added a touch of humor to the situation, with some suggesting humorous reasons for Ngesh’s return to the village. As financial challenges continue to haunt the Gengetone artists, the story of Ngesh Wa Vasha serves as a reminder of the unseen struggles that accompany fame and the unpredictable journey in the world of music.

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