Sex in exchange for  fish along the beaches in Migori County has led to an increase of new HIV infections in  the county.

Paul Obiero, who is coordinating fisher folk programme for CIHEB in Migori County said said that the  exchange of sex for fish still happens along the beaches  hence many fishermen are at a greater risk of being infected with the virus.

Obiero also said that most of the women  do not engage into sex with the fishermen from a point of attraction or liking them but so that they can get fish  to feed their families, because it is the only alternative they have.

Obiero says that they have been able to do sensitization along the beaches and as  result of women empowerment , number of women who were exchanging sex for fish has been lowered.

Handshakes, Not Handouts Help Remba Island Women Overcome 'Sex For Fish'

Obiero advised  the fishermen to use the available preventive measures because the majority of them are still at high risk of acquiring HIV/AIDS.

Migori County deputy HIV/AIDS control coordinator Caroline Odera said that  the department of health is working closely with the partners to reduce cases of HIV infections among the fishers community.

Odera said the fisher folk community is still at very high risk of acquiring HIV in the county. She has appealed to those at risk to use HIV prevention measures

 A study in Kenya found that higher gender inequality between young women and adult men is significantly and strongly correlated to positive HIV status. HIV/AIDS contributes to poverty, which not only affects the health of those affected and their families, but also has an economic impact on communities . A few years ago, there have been few interventions that combined economic empowerment with HIV prevention

 While stand-alone micro-finance programs have shown mixed results in terms of women’s economic empowerment or increased independence from male partners, there is promise in integrating HIV prevention with economic interventions, as the skills taught in microfinance initiatives, such as assertiveness, recognition of and challenging gender norms, and practicing independence, may also be helpful in negotiations for sex .


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