Fans at times find themselves in the middle of celebrity drama and Andrew Kibe’s fans were not spared by KRG The Don as he reignited his fierce online battle with controversial content creator, Andrew Kibe.

The artist threw jabs at the former radio presenter while on the red carpet for the ”Wash Wash 4 icon ” a movie created by comedian Terence Creative.

The interview put the father of three on the spot by asking him his thoughts on Kibe’s Graduation party which happened on 3rd December and also included the launch of Yafreeka , an African owned browser intended to be upgraded so as to compete with systems such as YouTube or TikTok.

The Don labelled Kibe as a ”no bite” kind of person insisting that his numbers and influence was a mirage that only existed online.

”Si unajua ule mtu ni wa online. Si nawaambianga kila siku Mtu mwenye anapiga kelele online offline hawezi achieve anything. So alidhani ju watu wanamchocha pale kwa comment section ooh tutakuja, sisi wewe ndio mwalimu aty event itashika.” he stated.

The artist explained that the Graduation party was meant to fail since most of his fan base consisted mostly of young men who spent their time masturbating at home and as such they could not afford to pay for the concert.

”Wale watu wa kunyonga hawana hela, watatoka saa ngapi? kama hawana pesa ya kukatia tudem watatoa wapi pesa ya kuja kusupport mpumbavu mwenzao ati wakamsikilize? haina maina yeyote” he stated.

The two celebrities never see eye to eye ever since the online beef that was instigated by Kibe after he had threw unending jabs at the artist going as far as nicknaming him ”Krg The Donkey” a pet name that is now overly used on social media spaces.

The Don had threatened to get physical with Kibe when he landed to the country  promising to teach him a lesson that would ensure he kept the musician’s name out of his content but all these proved to be  nothing but hot air since he was nowhere to be seen on the arrival date at the airport.


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