Comedian Nasra Yusuf  has reassured her funs that she is in a better state compared to the time she was in, when she shared on her socials that she was battling with depression and suicidal thoughts.

Speaking to SPM Buzz, the comedian cheerfully noted that she is doing just fine, reassuring her fans who were worried by the cryptic messages.

”You see me dressed up my girl I’m okay,” she stated.

”Don’t be worried, thank you guys for all the messages ,for reaching out, for checking up on me ,I don’t take it for granted .Ahsanteni  sana …nawapenda sana and I am doing fine ,I’m okay,,” she added.

Early this month, the Nasra had shared on her Instagram stories that she was battling with depression .

She opened up on how she tried to act up, putting an okay face in front of the cameras and the masses but was tired of trying to fake it.

“I am tired of faking and acting okay… I am not okay,” said shared.

The former Churchill show comedian said that she needed help from friends as well as strangers, as she desperately needed help and did not have the luxury to choose which shoulder to lean on.

“I need help. I need prayers, I need support… I am losing it,” she wrote.

She lamented on how she felt alone during that time, while she always showed up for people when they needed her but when it was her turn she felt desolate, devoid of a willing soul to help her.

The 28 year old urged netizens not to judge and make fun of her as they did to Azziad , a Kenyan content creator as she was in the same situation trying to hang on .

She went on to say that in case she would take her own life, they should not make fun of it.

“If I do it, please don’t make fun of me, I tried,” the post read.


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