Well-known content creator Eve Mungai advised all young people to avoid getting into anything they do not know when it comes to relationships, in an interview with Obinna.

She gave this advice after being asked about the lessons she learned from her previous 5-year relationship with Director Trevor.

” What I learned is. I’d like to advise young people out there to just enjoy their youth. Enjoy that moment of being young,” she began

Additionally, Eve explained that she thinks they never had a moment to enjoy their youth as they began dating when Trevor was 20 years old and Eve was only 19.

” I felt like we never had that moment to be young, because we met when I was 19 and he was 20 so we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into,” she explained.

She finally concluded by telling all youth not to get into something they don’t know.

” I wouldn’t advise anyone to get into something they really don’t know,” she concluded.

When asked where she got now and the success she achieved was because of Trevor, Eve agreed and gave him his flowers while wishing him the best in his journey.

” Ok, I appreciate the role that he played and I  appreciate the far we got together…now that everyone has gone their separate ways, I wish him all the best,” she said

Director Trevor has previously addressed the reports of his and Mungai Eve’s breakup in an interview.

He disclosed that he had broken up with Eve Mungai long before they made their split public, but they had kept up their professional collaboration until February 2024, when things took a bad turn.

Director Trevor announced that on February 19, 2024, they had called it quits, both personally and professionally.

Trevor revealed that he no longer needed Eve Mungai’s assistance and had taken complete control of the YouTube channel in a series of Instagram Stories.

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