Director Trevor has given more information surrounding his separation with vibrant digital creator Eve Mungai.

Trevor confirmed speculations that he was no longer dating Eve on Monday, and also announced her services were no longer needed in the Mungai Eve Media, now known as Kenya Online Media.

In an interview with Ankali Ray, Trevor confirmed that he broke up with Eve a year ago, however things have been under wraps, as they continued to work together under their brand Mungai Eve.

Mungai Eve Media run three social media accounts. They include; two YouTube accounts that had a collective subscriptions of close about one million and a Facebook account that boasts of 847,000 followers. The accounts now will be under Kenya Online Media.

“Mahusiano yaliisha kitambo yaliisha February 2023,” Trevor, who served as Eve’s director, photographer, videographer and editor said.

He further said that many things had contributed to their separation but denied claims that it was because of cheating.

“Kikazi tu [ndio ilisababisha tukaachana]” Trevor said.

At the same time, he reiterated that he will not  be working with Eve at Kenya Online Media.


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While news of their separation broke, Eve was already out of the country, enjoying her vacation with her best friend in Zanzibar. She has since teased opening her own social media accounts following suggestions from fans and her close friends.

Meanwhile, Rael Wangare is reportedly taking Eve’s space in the media company. Wangare has been making commentaries on the pages for some time now on trending stories.

In a video shared on Tuesday, she also said that other members of the team will be unveiled in due course.

She also touched on the separation between her boss Trevor and Eve saying, “Hawa watu waliachana in February, 2023. This was also the time when Trevor began a media page on Facebook. The two decided to work together for the rest of the year and now they have decided to go their separate ways.”

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