A male companion of Jackie Matubia shared a video of them embracing lovingly, sparking reactions. She was donning a green dress that showcased her thighs while the male companion was looking sharp in a suit.

The companion was however not short of heaping praises to the mother of two.

“Jmatubia stunning dress, clinging to her curves like a second skin, the hue reminiscent of a lush forest and hidden secrets,” he captioned the video and tagged the actress as well.

A ntetizen was however quick to comment on the video, labelling Matubia as Toxic

“Huyu mumama hukaa toxic tu,” the netizen said.

Matubia however didn’t let the comment slide and issued her response as soon as possible

“Hii nayo ni ukweli mimi Mama Toxic,” she said.

Jackie is currently running a YouTube film titled toxic, and this is not the first time her character has been associated with the movie title.

A few days ago, one of the characters in the film call her out for writing her name wrongly while giving credits. According to her, she reched out to Matubia to have the error corrected but instead she slammed her.

Many however believe that the scuffle was a strategy to drive traffic to the film, although Matubia threatened to engage her lawyers on the matter

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