Just moments after President William Ruto claimed that those eyeing top government seats, who are based in foreign lands, for the ongoing protests by the youths, Eric Omondi has come out to share details of the real sponsors of the protests.

Speaking in an interview with YouTube content creators, the comedian and activist pointed a blaming finger to president Ruto.

The father of two said president Ruto is fuelling the protests because of his actions.

“They have been looking for the sponsors of of Gen z, they have been looking for the leader of Gen Z. Can I tell you who the leader is? Can I break to you the news? The leader of Eric Omondi, Gen Z and Maandamano, and revolution is  William Ruto. The sponsor of Gen Z, juu mmemtafuta sana,” he said.

“He is the one who is supporting, fuelling, sponsoring. Every time he does a press statement, he is sponsoring Gen Zs. His actions, his  words are fuelling anger. He is the leader, yeye ndio alianzisha na yeye ndio anaendeleza,” he went on to explain.

Eric urged the president to dissolve the government.

“It is unfortunate that he can’t dissolve the parliament, constitution ilichange but he has the power to dissolve the government. Kibaki did it in 2007, he fired all ministers, PSs and started afresh,” he said.  “After the president fires all the cabinet secretaries, we will go and talk to him.”

He added that the will of the people is to make Ruto’s government a people’s government.

He urged those who will accompany him to statehouse on Thursday to have a white bird, flag and white attires.

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