Kenyan Actor, content creator, and radio personality Azziad Nasenya has addressed accusations of being part of the delegation accompanying CS Ababu to the Paris Olympics 2024.

This is after activist Miguna Miguna claimed in a post on his X account that Azziad among others are going to benefit from Taxpayers money.

“First of all, I am not part of the Kenya delegation to the Paris Olympics 2024. It is unfortunate that someone would come up with false allegations on such a matter,” Azziad clarified.

She further denied being sponsored for Dubai trip among others, revealing that her trips are catered for by either herself, her clients or her family



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Miguna Miguna had shared CS Ababu’s contact information to netizens telling them to question him about the people who will attend the France Olympics.

“He is reportedly “carrying” these socialite bimbos to the Olympics in Paris at our expense, without our permission: Paula Machio, Azziad Nasenya, Wanja Ngare, Luciana Nimo, Paula Ann Among others,” he disclosed.

However, her followers have differed thoughts on this matter. Some are commending her decision to clear the airs about this matter.

Philip, an X user advised her not to respond to every matter criticizing her:

“Yes it doesn’t hurt to be kind… Sio lazima you address every barking dog on the road. Punguza hizi vitu and focus… People always talk and stay away from those regime’s officials!” Philip.

Whereas Abdihakim contrasted with Philip backing Azziad’s decision:

“Azziad distanced herself. Good one from her because a rumour and a lie not countered will have been mistaken as a truth.” Abdihakim.

Azziad Nasenya has long been connected to CS Ababu since the launching of the Talanta Sports center.

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