Digital content creator Mike Muchiri was today afternoon arrested at Kasarani Police Station by DCI officers for unclear reasons.

He said live on Instagram that he had been followed by local police after writing on X that he was asked to report at Kasarani.

He claimed that he was being targeted for unidentified reasons and that upon arriving in Kasarani, he was instructed to report to the DCI headquarters.

”Amplify on twitter, wameniambia nifike Kasarani Police station, but I feel like I’m being targeted coz, I’ve been followed, wamenifuata tangu nitoke tao.” he said

He asked his followers to use Twitter to publicize his arrest while he was being held at the Kasarani Police Station.

Human rights activist Boniface Mwangi, better known on Twitter as X, also declared that Muchiri Mike had been detained and that Kenyans ought to demonstrate in solidarity to demand an explanation for his detention.

Additionally, he advised everyone to speak up because either they or he might be in a similar situation tomorrow.

Shad Khalif has also addresed Mike’s arrest and asked LSK president Faith Odhiambo and her team to follow up on it.

Shad Khalif had also been abducted by unknown people who were suspected to be policemen a while back during the anti-tax protests.

CCTV footage captured the incident where Shad Khalif, a well-known Kenyan social media , was reportedly kidnapped on Sunday night in South B by undercover police officers.

Mike Muchiri has also been on the forefront regarding Gen Z protests and providing civic education and this might be the reason why he was targeted.

Mike Muchiri is now a criminal for actively engaging in civic education. They want us to remain dumb, and significantly be confined in our tribal cocoons. But this, they will not believe. Kasarani police station is now an active crime scene.” one wrote

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