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Delving into the intricacies of Ephy Saint and Chantelle Petit’s publicized relationship offers a glimpse into the captivating world of social media dramas, where former lovers engage in a heated exchange that is both riveting and tumultuous.

If these names don’t ring a bell, you’re not alone. Ephy Saint is a Kenyan former Tahidi High actor, model, and celebrity photographer. He gained recognition for his work in the entertainment industry, initially as a model and an actor before transitioning into photography.

Ephy Saint has been involved in various projects with huge names in the entertainment industry like actor Brenda Wairimu with whom they had been rumoured to be dating at some point but they refuted those claims.

Chantelle Petit is a Kenyan social media influencer and YouTuber, gained prominence through her challenging childbirth experience which resulted in her grappling with fistula. The two are parents to Baby Summer Ella.

In a recent video on social media, photographer Ephy Saint, was seemingly telling her baby mama to get out of a car after a disagreement. Two other women are present at the scene trying to calm them down. Chantelle on the other hand insists that she is not getting out.

“She just wants me to touch her, mimi sina hiyo time. This is what you told me to come bring the child to school? Now she is crying. Its manipulating people. Amenigonga hapa mara ngapi mtoi akiwa” Ephy says in the video.

“And then she’s saying she won’t allow me to see my child again because I am calling her out? Mimi staki kuaibishwa mbele ya watu” he continues to say.

They have been having a lot of heated exchanges on social media and she once revealed on her Instagram account about a tumultuous relationship with Ephy Saint, detailing its toxicity and the emotional toll it took, revealing that it pushed her to a point of contemplating suicide.

Adding to the complexity, Ephy Saint was reportedly absent during the crucial moments of their pregnancy journey. The two had been seemingly coparenting well until now that this video that shows otherwise has revealed.


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