Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna has now defended the move by ODM party leader Raila Odinga to allow room for talks with the government concerning the nation’s state.

In a video of himself, Sifuna strongly reasons with Raila that them too (leaders) need to comment on what is happening in the country.

“Baba hajasema anaenda kuongelea Gen Z, Gen Z wamesema wako leaderless walimwambia yeye sio kiongozi wao. Lakina baba kuna watu anaongoza, sio kila mtu ako leaderless sio kila mtu ako party less mimi niko na party, na mimi ni SG wa hio chama.” Edwin Sifuna explained.

He further stated that the country is not for a few individuals but belongs to all Kenyans who have the right to voice their opinions about the state affairs.

“So pia sisi tuko na stake kwa nchi na hatuwezi kaa tu kama leaders tunyamaze na vitu zinafanyika kwa Kenya. Ile tyranny tunasema ni tyranny ya vitu mbaya,” he stated.

“Wao si walifanya space yao na rais. Kuna watu wako na leader na pia hao leaders wanataka kuongea kwa sabubu hii nchi ni wote tutaijenga.” Sifuna added.

Additionally, he says Gen Z were given their time and space to express themselves to the President and presented their grievances without interference.

In support of his statements, Ayra an X user condemned the protests saying some people take advantage to loot during demonstrations.

“Sifuna you are very right. Hawa watu wameanza kujifanya they are superior citizens than the rest. Mtu akiongea kidogo wanasema amenunuliwa. Not everyone wants maandamano every week coz our businesses are suffering,” Ayra commented.

The former prime minister has faced a lot of criticism especially from the young people from his statement he made earlier about allowing room for negotiations.

Kenyan youths via various social media platforms asked him to speak for himself because he is not representing them.

Moreover, they maintained that they are leaderless, and no one is eligible to represent them in any talks.

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