Rapper Stevo Simple Boy has admitted that his education ended at class 8, for various reasons.

During an interview with TV 47, the Kibra-born rapper said monetary challenges were among the reasons why he only completed primary school education.

“I went to school but I only reached class 8. From nursery to class 7 I studied in Oyugis. I then transferred to Kibera. From there I didn’t proceed. The problem was school fees and I was also a slow but I was good in music,” he said.

According to him, he first performed in a talent show in Kibera. He however became third.

“I killed the show but the judges said my performance wasn’t convincing but fans were convinced. I became number 3 but fans knew I was number one,” Stevo explained.

During the interview, which was hosted by Dr. Ofweneke, the rapper was questioned if the inspiration behind his hit song ‘Vijana Tuache Mihadarati’ was because he had an experience with drugs.  He however noted that he has never smoked or used any drugs, but the inspiration was drawn from the effects drugs have on youths and families.

“Drugs have destroyed many youths and marriages. As an artists and activist, I am the mirror of the society so I decided to sing the song. The song was recorded two years before it became a hit,” he said.

At the same time, he said that he only intends to settle with a serious woman, who is not after fame.

“If I get serious woman, who is not looking forward to being famous, one who is serious with marriage I will stay with her,” he said.

Also, Stevo was asked why he prefers Betty, and not the likes of Vera Sidika  and Amber Ray.

“I am still with Betty. Betty is has a good heart, she is humble and understanding. Amber Ray bado, hajatosha. Vera, ndio ako na gogingo lakini bado. Juzi nilimtext kwenye WhatsApp. Ako sawa ila mimi na Vera ni biashara tu. Siwezimjudge but bado sijamjua vizuri. Vera ni biashara siwezimhandle,” he responded.

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