Businessman and influencer Khalif Kairo has suggested a way forward for the youths after the President signed the IEBC amendment Bill 2024 into law, in an event that was witnessed with key opposition leaders Raila and Kalonzo Musyoka, at the KICC.

After the signing Ruto announced a 6-day national dialogue that was supported by Raila.

Kairo recorded himself in a video and shared it on X advising the youth to continue pressuring the government.

“I don’t know if you guys have seen that IEBC thing… what I saw is a political class that is scared,” Kairo stated.

He further detailed his opinion on what should happen next, cautioning of a possibility of the youth being divided.

“Now this is what we do, and this is what they are going to do. I think they are going to try and split us, and they are going to divide us. The same way they have always divided us over this many years using tribe, using religion… We need to continue organizing. This is what my suggestion would be, tunafaa kuanza kutengeneza certain committees that encompasses all aspect of the Kenyan internet,” Kairo explained.

“For example, sisi watu wa biashara tunaweza panga space, tunatengeneza committee yetu  yenye ina articulate issues zetu zote. Kama ni madaktari wanakua na space zao pia, mawakili the same, watu wa TikTok the same,” he suggested.

“Through all these spaces we will figure out a way of coming to a sort of national consensus. Representatives from each individual space or each individual internet sector are able to sit down, agree and through consensus we decide what to do next. These guys are already panicking, we should not relent, we should keep pressuring.”

The businessman’s sentiments appear to direct the youth to have leaders. This is what the Gen Zs have assertively declined.

Kenyan youths have maintained to be leaderless in their movement despite being advised to have representatives by the government.

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