Francis Atwoli the Secretary General COTU has caused a stir online after his remarks aimed at the electorates in the country.

The seasoned politician blasted citizens for complaining about the way the current government was running the country for they had been forewarned during campaigns  by the same people they voted in power.

His sentiments were directed to hustlers a local term for people with no reliable source of income who are now known for complaining about the high cost of living, harassments from city council workers and heavy taxation.

He stated that the hustlers knew what they were signing up for , since they had been told that they would be needed and instrumental in creating the new government.

”Ooh things have gone up, we fought for this government and we have nothing to show for it but better William Ruto he was very clear when he was campaigning he told you wewe mama mboga, wewe mtu wa bodaboda he told you everybody hii serikali tunajenga na wewe lakini sasa nyinyi mkiambiwa leta mbao leta jembe leta vitu tujenge hiyo serikali unarudi nyuma unaanza kunun’guna.”

The Luhya elder advised Kenyans to make peace with the fact the current government was not going anywhere for the nest five or probably ten years as it was constitutional.

”We must accept for him to implement his government  coz there are some situations you cannot change for either five or ten years. Constitutionally you cannot change if you go the other way round that is not what we stand for. We stand for democracy.” The secretary general stated.

His remarks were taken to be jabs aimed at the current government and they left citizens confused because Atwoli seemed to be in Ruto’s folds ever since he was sweared in as the president a working relationship that saw the president invite him to statehouse




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