Salvation Healing Ministry founder Prophet Victor Kanyari has advised his congregants against joining TikTok, a platform that he has been making airwaves in, in the recent days.

Kanyari said that he is afraid of being seen by his faithfuls, adding that they should just stick to his three TV stations.

According to him, a lot of weird stuff is happening on the video creation platform, saying that he was just persevering

“TikTok iko na maneneo usiingie wewe. Sitaki unione wewe kaa huko kaa huko Shifu TV, Danny TV na Prophetic. Msiiingie huko. Huko kuna wazimu wa huko wa Mthare. Wazimu wote duniani wanakuanga TikTok. Mimi mambo naskia sijawahikuskia tangu nizaliwe lakini navumilia,” Kanyari said.

He also told of those claiming that his downfall is near because of his decision to join TikTok.

“Today at 9pm I will be on TikTok with Chokuu. He is said to be the biggest prostitute in this world. People are saying that Kanyari is getting finished. Haven’t I been finished before. They said  I was finished, why are they saying pretending now that I still exist. Who told them that am still existing,? I am on TikTok, prophet of TikTok, I usually enjoy, last time I even slept while still on live,” he said.

He added that, “I am on TikTok to stay. I will only leave when am bored but for now I am yet to get bored. I still have the psyche of talking but I wonder why when I talk a little, I end up trending. The other day I said that I would love to get a wife on TikTok, that is not a big issue,I wasn’t wrong, it has trended a whole year. I was surprised that a wife is such a big thing. I am so happy to be on TikTok.”

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