A Nairobi man will remain in remand until May 16, pending a court ruling after he pleaded guilty to stealing his employers groundnuts worth Kshs6,000.

Appearing before Resident Magistrate Ben Mark Ekhubi at Milimani Law Courts, Daniel Mukhwana  confessed to the crime while pleading for leniency. He told the court that he stole the groundnuts from his employer Jane Wanjiru Mburu.

Mukhwana requested to be pardoned, explaining that he committed the offence to secure funds for transport to see his ailing mother in a rural area.

“It’s true I stole groundnuts from the shop of Jane Wanjiru Mburu, whom I work for, roasting in a pan using charcoal. Your Honor, I stole these groundnuts to sell them to get money for transport to go to the countryside to see my sick mother. It’s been about a month since she fell ill. I received a call that my mother is very sick, and I don’t have money for fare to go and see her,” he said to the court.

According to a report revealed by “Taifa Leo”, the young man wanted to be released so that he would take care of his sick mother.

State Prosecutor Virginia Kariuki presented the 15kgs of stolen groundnuts as evidence in court and asked for them to be returned to the owner for resale. She revealed that Mukhwana forcibly entered Wanjiru’s shop at Tsunami Market in Ngara on May 6.

“I ask the court to return these groundnuts to the complainant to sell since the defendant has admitted to the charge and is awaiting punishment,” said Kariuki.

The court ordered Mukhwana to be detained at the Industrial Area prison pending ruling and ordered for his family to be questioned to establish if his mother’s sickness was genuine.

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