Bien, a popular musician sparked mixed reactions on social media after revealing his crush on Nigerian singer Tems and Jamaican singer Shenseea.

Oga Obinna, during the interview, asked Bien who his dream girl was to which the singer answered playfully that there are many.

He was then asked to name two of which he named Tems and Shenseea and added that if they dmed him, his wife would have to understand.

”Hebu niambie Tems anidm, Tems akinidm itabidi niongee na wife nimwambie ingekuwa ni wewe, elewa tu,” Bien revealed

”Ama Shenseea anidm, anaeza ni hit, and run, I’m just saying I would hate to stand in the way of her and true love,” he continued.

Oga Obinna then jokingly told the singer that the wife was unhappy to hear such information as the camera panned to Chiki laughing in the background.

Bien quickly told Obinna that he was just bluffing when he spoke about the singers and his wife knows that.

Obinna jokingly told Bien on his crush on Amberray to which the singer added that in his relationship, there are rules and you cannot crush on someone accessible.

He said that they both have to crush on someone inaccessible just like the swahili saying, ‘Fimbo ya mbali haiui nyoka’.

” Mtu hawezi tu kuwa accessible… si international pekee, akue tu mbali sana. Si unaona sasa waswahili si wajinga,” he said.

People in the comment section were quick to say that men can be embarrassing as he did not even mention the wife as one of the people he crushes on.

Other called him ‘Team Mafisi Sacco’ while others felt pity for his wife Chiki Kuruka and others joked that he cannot get Shenseea with a bald head.

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