Eric Omondi’s girlfriend Lynne Njihia has urged Kenyans to be cautious while driving at Riverside Drive along Waiyaki Way.

This is after the side mirror of her car was stolen in broad daylight as she watched.

Lynne says that she couldn’t do anything because of traffic.

“Weueh, a thief just stole my side mirror as I watched. I couldn’t do anything  because of traffic. I have never seen theft occur so fast in my life. It literally took 5 seconds to do the whole thing. This happened at Waiyaki Way as I was approaching Riverside Drive,”she shared on her Insta stories

“Avoid this area. Mine was stolen at 4.30pm Imagine what  would happen to you at night,” she further said.

Reacting to her story, one of her followers admitted that the area is risky and the thieves mostly target side mirrors of Mazda CX 5 cars. According to the netizen, the thieves usually run into a bush at the University of Nairobi.

“That place is so risky. They are stealing side mirrors especially za Mazda CX5. On Monday, I witnessed another CX5 lady driven car being removed the mirror as she approached Riverside drive, same side as yours and then the thieves run to that UoN bush. When you replace it, put small triangle metal at the bottom part of the side mirror for protection, sorry mama,” the Instagram user said.

In a separate story, Lynne updated her fans that she was able to replace the stolen side mirror.

The 22-year old is a content creator, commercial model and brand influencer.


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