Police have said that Jackson Kuria Kihara popularly known as Cop Shakur on social media is going to face disciplinary action after he was arrested while protesting outside the Senate gate on Tuesday.

The prison warden attached to Kamiti Medium Prison had arrived outside the Senate gate with a group of other protesters amid the rains.

Dressed in blood-stained white dustcoat while raising a placard was seeking justice for those killed in the recent anti-tax protests.

“We want justice, not your condolences,” read part of the placard he was carrying.

An altercation ensued as protesters pushed security officials as Shakur tried accessing the precincts while blocking motorists from from getting in and out.

A few minutes later, more police officers arrived and grabbed him before dragging him to the Parliament police cells.

He briefly resisted arrest as the team of police struggled to drag him away saying that his protest was illegal but he eventually conceded and they walked away with him.

It was after they arrived at the station that he identified himself as Jackson Kuria Kihara alias Shakur, a prison warden attached to Kamiti Medium prison.

Police said they are investigating the incident and intend to seek more information on him from the prison authorities.

He was later moved to Central Police Station ahead of planned arraignment.

Parliament Road has been full of security officials since it was breached by protesters on June 25.

Police authorities say they continue to face protests at various levels over the dropped Finance Bill 2024, those killed and those detained.

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