Renown socialite Vera sidika recently shared a message on her Insta stories that left tongues waging.

The mother of two took insinuated that she wouldn’t mind being in a relationship with Gen Z men, having got wind that they are very good  in ‘bed’.

“Nasikia Gen Z Wanajua Kuchapa Hio Kitu, Is It True and btw am single,”  Sidika said.

Turns out her message got to the targeted audience as shortly after, Gen Zs flocked to her dms, trying their luck. Vera seemed shocked by the number of young men in her dms leaving her confused on how to go about the whole scenario.

“I’m still shocked my dm is insane waaah surely how does someone pick one when over a thousand of gen z in dms weeh I froze for the last two days lol just recovering lol,” she wrote.

One of her fans jokingly asked her to host a meet and greet with them and then pick one with her eyes. The comment left Vera laughing.

Vera is currently in Toronto, Canada after visiting Cairo in  Egypt and Doha, Qatar.

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Vera and Rayvanny were to feature in an event in Canada, but that failed to materialize because of unnamed misunderstandings. Rayvanny apologized to fans over the issue.

Vera echoed Rayvanny’s sentiments, sharing his message and describing the situation as “messy.”

She added that, “After a long flight and being ready on time (I didn’t even rest when I landed), I wasn’t able to see you all last night. So unfortunate. By now, you all know the mistake wasn’t on my side. I’m very professional, but it was beyond my control.”

Vera was also expected to attend a Swahili Festival but had to skip it.

She explained: “I won’t be coming as my team hasn’t received any communication on flights and event arrangements, even after following up. This is beyond our control.”


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