Renowned music producer Magix Enga reminisced the moment he was battling depression some time last year.

Magix shared his photo during the unfortunate moment, stating that people took pictures of him suffering. That was not however the point he was driving home.

“This is me last year fighting depression and a lot. People took pictures of me nikiteseka but that is not my point in this life you can only save your self.

Magix  announced that he has a new song out shouting out  Mzazi Willy M.Tuva and big Afric studios who sponsored him and he managed to produce more than 10 songs.

“Watu wanasema bado niko Eldoret for your information Siko uko I managed to shoot one music video my song“Baba” which I was sponsored by Mzazi Willy M. Tuva and big afric studios “he wrote

Magix urged his fans to check out his new song Sishindani on YouTube stating that they will love his content.


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Magix Enga’s struggle with addiction began when he claimed that some of the musicians he collaborated with took advantage of him and never gave him credit for his work.

The producer announced in October 2023 that he was undergoing a transformation and that he had considered removing his distinctive dreadlocks and giving up drinking.

In a subsequent post through his Instagram, the producer appealed for forgiveness from his followers stating that he is currently dealing with a lot and that things are getting worse for him.

He further lamented that the current situation is slowly killing his talent and he cannot process why.

“There is talent, though I am not doing okay. I am going through a lot, and I do not understand why. Somebody, please. If I wronged anyone, I apologize. More love to all of you,” he wrote

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