kyle and brianna

Controversial couple, Kyle and Brianna, who became famous after claiming they were siblings united Kenyans after filming and posting adult content online.

The video surfaced barely a month after the couple announced they were opening an only fans account to support themselves financially. The couple resolved to that, claiming that Kenyans had refused to support them

The young Kenyan couple Kyle and Brianna gained prominence after they came out as related and were not planning to break up despite sharing the same dad.

The youngsters insisted that there was nothing wrong with carrying on with their connection and that learning they were related to one another made their love stronger.

Motivational speaker Robert Burale suggested that Kyle and Brianna, a young couple who discovered they were siblings through a widely shared interview, get counselling.

“I want them to decide that this is the last interview they will ever do. They don’t need publicity now, the need help. They need counselling, prayer, and a few slaps because they are good people.” he said

Additionally, he cautioned them from using their parents’ names to obtain influence because doing so would reflect poorly on them.

Burale continued by saying that they should be whipped to get them back in line if they were pursuing clout.

”Sometimes if you do not discipline them a little, then another ten years… let me tell you the truth, they will not get married.” he added.

The couple also trended for the wrong reasons after Brianna accused Oga Obinna of trying to sleep with her after an interview on his show.

Oga Obinna vowed to distance himself from the couple following this accusation that nearly ruined his reputation.

‘I have seen the story and I have not watched because I don’t want to watch it. Oddly enough I am not even angry. I am just confused and I am sorry on their behalf and on my behalf for being involved in this and giving them my platform to offer them support and guide,” he said.

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