In a revelation by Busia Woman Representative Catherine Omanyo she claimed that she was offered a substantial bribe to give a favourable report in the impeachment proceedings against. Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi.

Speaking in an interview with Citizen TV, Omanyo detailed the bribery attempts, which she says were aimed at influencing the committee’s report on the fake fertiliser saga.

“Someone came to me with Ksh.2 million, and another came saying the money had increased to Ksh.3 million because the report against Linturi was hot. At some point, these people asked me to state what I wanted to favour the CS,” Omanyo disclosed during the interview.

The Busia Woman Rep explained the intense pressure and chaotic environment within the committee sessions, highlighting how they almost got physical.

“It was very heated during committee sittings. At some point, we almost got physical because of the bribery within the committee. We had to retreat to cool off before we resumed sittings,” she added.

Despite the accusations that were held against Linturi, which Omanyo described as “glaring,” the Agriculture CS escaped impeachment narrowly in a vote during the proceedings, 7 out of the 11 committee members voted in his favour.

The allegations against Linturi revolve around the fake fertiliser scandal, an issue that has impacted Kenya’s agricultural sector. Omanyo’s revelations cast a shadow over the integrity of the committee’s decision, raising questions about the influence of corruption in the political processes.

The public disclosure by Omanyo has sparked outrage and calls for a thorough investigation into the bribery claims. Many Kenyans are demanding accountability and transparency, emphasizing the need for creating new measures to deal with the corruption in government proceedings.

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