Cera Imani

In a recent interview, Cera Imani known for her private life even though a public person ,has left netizens speaking after publicly addressing breakup rumours  with Joseph Kairo popularly known as Khalif Kairo.

Cera during the interview was asked what her reaction was after seeing her partner’s post on X about their alleged breakup.

“Those people who know me understand that I am a quiet babe, I am introverted, sinanga maneno mengi.” She remarked. Despite the emotional weight of the situation, Cera maintained her calm nature and philosophical outlook on life.

“For me, I take life easy, sijipeangi pressure na maisha. You never know what life has in store for you. Just pray, take it as it is. If God closes the door, well and good, if He opens another, well and good,” she added, showing her determination  and resilience about life.

The breakup rumours have drawn a lot of  attention due to the high-profile nature of the couple. Joseph Kairo Wambui has made a name for himself not only as a successful entrepreneur but also as an accomplished pilot. His leadership at Kai Karo Motors has positioned the company as a notable player in the automotive industry.

While everyone expected her to act otherwise, Cera’s response highlights her grace and strength during this challenging period to her. Her remarks resonate with many, offering a perspective of acceptance and faith in the face of life with it’s surprises.

“Time ni chache, maneno ni mingi na life inasonga.” She said boldly.

She also revealed that they were still good friends even after the heart break.

“No bad blood, everything is okay. We are still good friends.” She added.

Cera Imani however in the interview did not confirm nor deny if the rumours were true or not.


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