Huddah Monroe

Kenyan socialite and model Huddah Monroe who rose to fame after participating in Big Brother Africa, has come out to that relationship goals are a scam.

Her comments come after a video of an American rapper Sean Combs has been released by CNN showing him physically harassing her Ex Cassie in 2016. She has shared it on her account.

Monroe posted to her Instagram account saying that any relationship shared on social media raises a lot of questions. Says that people smile to hide their sadness.

“Relationship goal is a scam. Any relationship highly advertised on social media is highly questionable. They use SM to cover their unhappiness.” She commented.

The model revealed that she used to admire people’s relationships on social media. Every relationship she admired turned into evil.

“Every relationship I’ve ever admired on social media turned out to be PURE EVIL!” she posted.

“Some lady I used to follow. Dating a very nice man. I wanted her kind of relationship sooo bad. She unlived herself the other day. I am still shocked, and I don’t even know her.”

“Thats how bad it is out here. asked God to make your life better. not like so and so. coz you don’t know what kind of demon they are fighting.” Monroe.

She further warns people not to ask her about when she is planning to have a child. To her, most people struggle out here with their kids and husbands, the pressure she is not ready for.

However, she opted for work outs, drinking and focus on her own struggles rather than entering into marriage and getting children.

Here is what she said:

“I’m out! let me work out, drink champagne & focus on my own struggles.”

The socialite who has a massive youth following is currently single.


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