Kenyan Musician Bahati and rapper Diana Marua are requesting Netflix to make their show ‘Thebahatiempire’ accessible worldwide.

Due to high public demand especially from the people outside African continent, The Bahatis’ decided to politely ask Netflix to consider their diaspora fans.

“Ati watu inje ya Africa hawajaona sura ya baby Malaika??? Yes everyone in Kenya and Africa is watching #Thebahatisempire but still our DM & comment section is full of complaints.”

He reported to have been receiving many calls from his followers ouside Africa saying they’re unable to watch his show on the video streaming service.

“My phone is buzzing nonstop from our fans outside the African continent saying that they are unable to stream #Thebahatisempire on Netflix,” he revealed.

However, he asked his fans to jointly request the video service provider to consider fellow fans from other continents by commenting tagging Netflix.

He also thanked the American organization for the opportunity they offered him to air his reality show which is also the first from East Africa.

“Let’s do a favour to our followers outside Africa by Tagging @Netflix in every comment below as we request them to allow the entire world to watch this historic show. #THEBAHATISEMPIRE we thank @Netflix for this historic opportunity and yes it’s available in every country in Africa- but your comments have proved that The Bahati’s are a Global Brand with fans and  followers from all the 7 continents of the world…Dear @Netflix our request is…kindly allow our fans around the world to enjoy their favourite show.”


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Here are some of the complaints from fans in diaspora:

Sarah_sylvia27 – Please we’re being ignored. us people in the USA don’t haven’t gotten it on our Netflix whyy??

thequeen_520_ – We can’t find the show in turkey, is it only Africa or please explain to us

nyambura_y_ -Unfortunately, us from the UAE are unable to view the show

wambui_muthee – I am in Sweden, but I am not able to stream it, is it only in Kenya the show?

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