Bahati and his wife Diana Marua are set to be the first Kenyan and East African couple to appear on Netflix with a reality show.

Their show will premier on Friday 7, 2024, and they are elated about that.

In a video with her house helps, Diana shared that the Netflix gig came after door locally closed for them.

“Sina hata words. Nimefurahi. Unalala unashtuka unaamka unaota na Netflix. Do you know how many doors closed on us locally. We did the pitch, one episode for that matter and we went and knocked on these doors, these production houses and we told them we want to bring a show on TV,” the content creator recalled.

Presenting their request, the Bahati’s argued that they once did a reality show, Being Bahati which was featured on NTV, promising that their new project was bigger and better but that wasn’t enough to convince production team.

“I remember there is an email I send, hata haikumaliza an hour or two, we were rejected and Baha was so hopeful that we will be given a slot in the production house. Baha was so down and he is the person who encourages me. I remember I am  the one who held his hand and told him God is not yet done with us. Nikamwaambia can we aim for Netflix,” Diana Marua said.

This was however like a shot in the dark, because it wouldn’t make sense following the rejection they faced in the local production houses.

“God is never too big for anything. Your needs are never too big for God and we knocked on the doors of Netflix. In a snap of a finger, God restored our smiles and we were given a go ahead. Netflix hawakubishana, hawakuuliza mambo mingi we started the conversation, they loved the pitch, after that it was paper work and we were out there shooting. It has taken us sweat, energy, a whole team,” the mother of 3 said.

In their first episode, the couple is set to reveal the face of their third child together, Malaika.

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