In a candid revelation, Juliet Mariam Ayub, popularly known as Jovial, has shared her personal preferences and the reasons behind her choice to keep her nails short and natural.

The renowned songwriter, singer, and vocalist addressed her fans and critics in a heartfelt message expressing her disinterest in the trend of artificial nails.

Jovial, known for her melodious voice and captivating songs, took to social media to address the frequent comments she usually receives about her nails.

She remarked, “What is the obsession with some of you ya kupenda kuona watu na makucha yakubandikwa?” She questioned and then added, “Y’all need to leave me alone. I have been getting these a lot! Hujatengeneza kucha?”

The artist addressed on her preference for short nails, revealing that some people like her dislike long or fake nails.

“Kuna wengine wetu kama mimi sipendi kucha ndefu ama zakubandika mda mwingine. I love them short and clean!” Speaking for herself and many others who hold the same views about nails.

Sharing a painful experience, Jovial recounted,

“Kuna siku nimewahi jigonga kucha nikiwa karibu kupanda stage nikishuka gari. Nilisimamisha security a good 5 minutes nikijifikiria. That pain sio mchezo! Alafu siku ya kutolewa kucha imekatika katikati.”

The memory of the intense pain caused by long nails solidified her decision to keep her nails short to avoid such accidents in future.

Jovial also mentioned that she does get her nails done occasionally, she often takes breaks to let her nails rest.

“I do make nails but sometimes I take a break, nipumzisheni basi. I’m a house chores person,” she added, highlighting her lifestyle.

Through her open and honest explanation, Jovial hopes to put an end to the scrutiny over her nail choices, encouraging her fans to understand and respect her personal preferences.

Jovial has over time been releasing hit songs such as, “Usiku Moja” featuring t Darassa, “Such Kinda Love” featuring Otile Brown, “Unakosa Raha,” “Usiku Mmoja.”

Her decision to maintain her nails short, clean and natural without being influenced by other women portrays her as an independent woman.

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