Kenyan-congolese and former Logombaz member Prophet Lovy and his wife Prophetess Maggy Kelias are expecting their first child.

The couple took to Instagram to share the good news with their followers, attracting overwhelming congratulatory messages.

In their post, they shared a cute family video of themselves on the beach, in dark outfits,  in which Maggy Kelias showed off her growing baby bump.

The caption read ‘Sweet baby Elias coming late summer. Thank you Jesus!’



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Prophet Lovy Elias, a well-known composer and musician, eventually evolved into an American preacher.

He married his present wife, Maggy, last May 20th in a magnificent outdoor wedding in California.

However,  this was not his first time getting married as he had a previous wife, Ida Onyango, daughter to a Kenyan Hollywood actor Benjamin Onyango.

The couple stayed together in the United States, and had a son together before divorcing in 2017.

For a long time there was no explanation as to why he divorced his wife but later decided to share his reason.

In a sermon to his congregation, he opened up on the reasons why he divorced his first wife, Ida.

“Do you know why pastors fail in marriage? Men of God whose marriages die? I’m one of those people who went through that. I got divorced. I’ll tell you why it happens. God has never told a man or a woman ‘go to your wife, go to your husband, you’re spending too much time with me’… because God also lusts after you. He wants you for himself,” Lovy told his congregation.

He insinuated that he spent so much time serving God that he ended up neglecting his wife and duties as a husband.

”He won’t tell you to go and fix your relationship. It will by you to give Him boundaries. If you don’t give Him boundaries, He will ruin your marriage,” Prophet Lovy explained.

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