Social media influencer and YouTube content creator Lynne Njihia does not recognize Jackie Maribe as Eric Omondi’s baby mama.

The 22-year old admitted this while responding to questions from her fans.

One fan asked, “Do you think you are the only baby mama or do you know that Eric has another baby mama?”

Responding to the question, she said that she doesn’t she is not aware of any other baby mama that the comedian has.

“No, I don’t. He doesn’t even know. I am the only one. Mimi ndio niko,” she said.

At the same time, Lynne said that they were not planning to have another child in the meantime.

“Tutalea Kyla sahizi kwanza. Na niko na trauma from that pregnancy so until I heal and feel ready like the way we planned for Kyla it is the way we are going to plan for another one but for now, mother of one, daddy of one period,” she said.

Eric and Jackie have an all-grown son, but the paternity question of the child have seen them fight on social media from time to time.

While Jackie maintains that Eric is the father of her son but hardly plays his fatherhood roles, Eric on the other hand doubts that the boy is his biological son.

He maintains that Jackie refused him to undertake a paternity test.

In September last year, the self-proclaimed African president of comedy revealed that he could be having more children, apart from his estranged son and daughter who are publicly known.

“Personally, I don’t know. I will say three, four.. let’s say three. In Kisumu, while I was at school, a girl came home, her name is Rose. My mother called me and told me that there is a girl calling me and saying that she is pregnant with my child. I was in Form 4. I remember until today. I don’t know if it was true, I was at school. I was made for noise, I went back to school, the baby came and we lost contact,” he said.


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