Andrew Kibe finally succumbed to the pressure of Gen Zs and has decided to join the protestors on Tuesday in rejecting the finance bill 2024.

He took to social media to publicly announce his stance on the controversial finance bill 2024 as he had previously supported it but due to pressure from Gen Z he has now officially rejected it.

According to him, he was lost but the Gen Zs have opened his eyes and he has decided to join them on Tuesday 25th on the streets to protest against the bill.

” I was lost but the Gen Z have opened my eyes,” he said.


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Some sections of netizens however think that he is afraid of losing his accounts and getting cancelled and that’s the main reason he has rejected the Finance Bill.

Some comments read; ” Unfollow Kibe” and ” Uyu ameogopa kupoteza Tiktok”

Others have taken an opportunity to mock him by claiming that he is scared.

” Kumbe ni mwoga” one person wrote.

Another person warned the rest to be careful of people who switch sides at the last moment, ” Be careful of people who switch sides at the last moment”

Meanwhile, Kenyans have taken to the internet to express their anger at comedian Eddie Butita for what they see as his “failing to take a stand.”

On Saturday, Butita said he had voiced concerns about a few things and was confident they would be resolved.

“As a responsible citizen, I have raised some issues on the Finance bill, especially touching on the creative economy,” Butita said.

“I have engaged both formally and informally and I am confident action will be taken. That said creatives are not opposed to paying taxes, we are just asking for an harmonized approach”

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