Moments after experiencing a mass unfollowing on Instagram, Karuga Kimani popularly known as KRG the Don has lost his TikTok account that boasts of over 480k followers.

His account has been banned after he openly declared that he supports the Finance Bill 2024.

In a recent video on his Instagram account, KRG told off Kenyans threatening the government over the bill.

“Hallo, mi ni Bughaa,na nimekaa nikashufenten io ujinga mko nayo ya kuja kutisha serekali nayo wacha niwaambie I support the finance bill”


KRG earlier lost over a 100k followers on Instagram due to the video.

The dancehall singer is one of the most well-known musicians in Kenya.  Aside from music, he is a business man and he never shies from parading his wealth online.

KRG The Don’s portfolio now includes transportation, construction, tours and travel, as well as recent investments in hospitality and entertainment.

His millions has however raised suspicions that he is involved with money laundering and wash wash. The father of four refuted these claims and said he is willing to provide an accounting of his money.

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