Singer Tanasha Donna recently caused a stir  online  after pictures of her lip surgery circulate online.

Many believed that the surgery was botched because of her swollen lips when she came out to set the record straight, saying that the fillers take up to four weeks according to a US-based Healthline.

Aside from that, she noted that several factors including the type of filler used  and your lifestyle can affect the settling time.

“I’ll be sharing more details on IG soon,” she promised.

Kenyans however have had their fair share of opinions about Tanasha’s surgery with Prophet Victor Kanyari also not being left out.

Kanyari, in a viral video, seems to be generally disturbed as to why Tanasha decided increase the size of her lips.

“Kwa nini Tanasha anapenda kuwa na mdomo kubwa hivyo eti nikaskia amefanywa operation na akapanuliwa mdomo wake nikasema ooh amepanuliwa mdomo,” the controversial preacher said.

“Sijui kama naeza pata mtu anielezee kwa nini wasichana wanapenda kuwa na mdomo kubwa, makalio makubwa na matiti kubwa,” he said.

Although many will say that women do these things to attract men women have  ignored the claims stating that they do surgeries to make them feel better about themselves.

Aside from the lip fillers, Tanasha previously underwent a Brazilian butt lift at a local clinic, a move that thrust her in a scandal, after Risper Faith exposed her for failing to meet the bargaining terms.

Apparently, Tanasha was supposed to share videos and posts about the cleaning but she went mute.

“The procedure cost about Sh860,000. It was done for her and she ran away. The company came looking for me because I introduced her to them. It even became a police case. It was a big story, even now I could lose my contract if I keep talking about it. After that incident, she blocked me everywhere,” Risper Faith revealed in an interview.

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