In a surprising turn of events, Pastor Kanyari has come to the defense of a woman who recently gifted him condoms, among other sensitive items, during a church service.

The incident, which has created a very serious debate and criticism on the social media platforms, was addressed by the pastor in his recent video where he urged the public not to take things too seriously.

“Msichana alileta condom katika madhabahu ni sawa alikosea sikatai,” Pastor Kanyari admitted, acknowledging that the woman’s actions were inappropriate.

Moreover, he drew a connection relating the incident to a biblical story where a woman accused of prostitution was about to be stoned for her sins, suggesting that judgment should be left to God.

“Mimi ndio aliletea condom na pengine alikuwa anatengeneza content it’s ok.” He then continued by saying, “nasikuambia bodyguard wampige am not a prophet of war,” he declared.

He urged people to rush to her pages and talk to her so that maybe she can change.

“Endeni hata kwa page yake mjae huko mumuongeleshe mambo ya Mungu atabadilika,” he encouraged.

He said this suggesting that those concerned should visit her social media page and engage her in conversations about God, believing that such efforts could lead to positive change.

Kanyari turning his attention to those who criticize her, said, “Hata hao wanamtukana wanatafuta content ndio wahurumiwe na watu. Wacha niwaambie kitu moja watu wanamtusi *…ndio waonekane wazuri.”

Pastor Kanyari’s unexpected defense of the woman condemnation have added a new dimension to the ongoing discourse. Making the debate to intensify even more with people reacting by giving their views on the matter.

While Kanyari is defensive of the woman’s behavior, many people appeared to be even more disappointed by the two saying that the pastor is misleading people.

“Close his church, report his TikTok, arrest the degenerate. What a half-assed apology. God will deal with you.” One among the angry public commented.

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