King Roso

Business woman and Philanthropist Esther Akothee has dispelled claims that TikToker King Roso, who has been showering Kenyans with gifts worth millions on TikTok, is Satanic.

During a Live TikTok Session with King Roso, Mtumba Man and another individual, she said that those linking him to illuminati are lazy people who don’t understand how to make money.

“It is a show that is cooked and formulated by lazy people who have not understood the formula of making money and giving back. If there was illuminati somewhere that can give me money I would recruit all my villagers  because I am tired of people asking me for money so that they can also go their and just tap. Keep the spirit burning and welcome to Akothee Foundation, anytime. Welcome to Akothee Safaris, we are coming to Dubai anytime soon. Am working with Fly Dubai am their number one brand strategist, God has been there for us. God bless you so much,” Akothee said.

Apparently, her Foundation received Kshs1.5 million from King Roso. Akothee recently organized a golf charity event to raise funds for her foundation.

King Roso also contributed Kshs850,000 to oversee the send off of controversial TikTok sensation Brian Chira.

Recently, during the stand off of Chira’s funeral contribution involving Baba Talisha and Chira’s grandma, King Roso gifted Baba Talisha over 8 Lions consecutively.

On TikTok, gifts range from coins, flowers, lions and the universe. A  flower is worth Kshs 5, a lion is Kshs 40,000, while the universe translates to Kshs60,000.

No one knows King Roso’s identity or face, but Nyako claimed that  she is the only one who knows him in Kenya.

“King Roso is a pseudo. No one knows King Roso’s real name or identity apart from me and J Lo,” she said previously.

Nyako received 70 lions from King Roso on her birthday.

Because of his mysterious nature, he has been linked to Satan, with some claiming that those who have been gifted by him are in the line of dying. Others however claim that he is a money launderer.

Pastor Ezekiel’s son Steve Odhiambo last month said such gifters are offering sacrifices. According to him, many TikTokers have been dying especially in accidents.

” Vijana wengi wameteza maisha yao kwa njia moja ama nyingine bila wao kuelewa hasa kupitia mtandao wa TikTok. Wengi wao wamkuwa wakizawadiwa(gifts) na watu ambao hawawajui. Hatuwajui ni watu wa aina gani. They don’t have a spiritual knowledge of realizing where the money is coming from.

“Youths need to be very keen about those gifting them especially through TikTok. There is this guy called Roso, he has benefitted many but we haven’t asked ourselves why there are such people. I am not linking him to anything, but just using him as an example,” Odhiambo said

“King Roso is someone who has a lot of money. We don’t ask ourselves where this money is coming from. When you become famous a little on TikTok, he gifts you immensely. Ask yourselves who is King Roso. I am warning those who are being gifted by King Roso. If you have been gifted by him and not used the gift, it will be better if you dispose it. Woe unto you if you use that gift,” another preacher claimed.

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He however stepped out to dispel the claims in a video.

“This is my final time speaking. I can’t talk on TikTok anymore, not even to say hello. This message should reach any man or woman who goes live at night to insult me, shut up. Wash Wash, I haven’t conned you,”he said.

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