Kate Actress

Former Mother-in-law actress Catherine Kamau alias Kate Actress lost her cool when a section of netizens trolled her in her comments section.

This is after she took to social media to share her throwback photos, that were completely opposite of her current status. In her post she wanted to show her journey and growth over the years to celebrate her wins, which include purchasing a new Mercedes Benz GLC a few weeks ago.

“Frame 1; promise I wasn’t hungry .Frame 2 ;That wasn’t our car .we were just manifesting. Woke up supper grateful today I am about to experience new levels in my career. I am still pinching myself Will share with you my peeps as soon  as I can God will put you in rooms you never thought ,dreamt or ever imagine,” the mother of two said.

In the comments section, a netizen expressed hope that she would also find a husband who would introduce her to opportunities.

“When I grow up again I want to manifest on husbands who will introduce me to opportunities, ” she said, insinuating that Kate’s success was because of a men.

Kate couldn’t hold back her irritation after coming across the comment.

“You think I was introduced to? I was a millionaire single mum at 24 Ama unamaanisha nini?” Kate said .

Another netizen suggested that she separated with her ex-husband Philip Karanja because of her successful career, fame and money.

“But when God akiwa elevate mnakuwa na pride mnaachana na husband,” the netizen wrote.

“Rudia bila kutumia akili ya mende. Go to work little boy,” Kate Actress fired back at him.

There is no doubt that Kate actress career is doing very well since she separated with the father of her son  Director Phil .

Kate and Phil separated in 2023. They share a daughter but Kate also has an elder son from a previous relationship.

Kate Actress is currently dating Michael, the generaL manager of Tribe hotel. They first made their public appearance earlier 2024 at the premier of wash wash season 4.

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