Fred Machoka

Veteran Radio presenter Fred Obachi Machoka has excited netizens after sharing photos of the wooden suitcase that he would carry to school.

The radio presenter was however complaining that the suitcase’s handle had been messed up with.

“What happened to my form one suitcase handle, haki hamjanifanyia poa,” he complained.

In the photos, that handle had been broken as well as parts of the locks.


Reacting to his post, some of the fans were shocked to see what people used to carry to school in the 90s. Those who could relate with him noted that not all students could afford the wooden suitcase. Here are some of their reactions.

“You went to school with a coffin shujaa? Watu hutoka mbali wallahi”

“You were lucky mine was used to ripen bananas that is how it died.”

“A boarding school at some place in Kenya still uses this Kuna moja tumetumia sote kama family,as we talk now our children are using it in the same primary boarding school.handing over ni repainting and fixing what ain’t there.”

“This one was expensive 😂..not all students could afford it 😂.it was for the royals only.”

Fred Obachi is one of the radio presenters who have managed to maintain relevance in the media industry for decades.

Obachi’s started his career as a GSU officer at the Northern frontier when he discovered his talent in journalism. In 1975, he joined a competition branded Sanyo juu Sanyo talks and he won. The competition was aimed to promote Sanyo electronics and was run on KBC.

A year later, he resigned from the forces to fully focus on journalism.

“Having worked in the forces for 4 years, I felt I had served my time. In addition, the Northern Frontier was an extremely harsh environment and it was also traumatic to loose friends and colleagues daily as this was the time of the Shifra war,” Obachi said previously.

He then went back to college where he studied public relations and advertising. He has worked in KBC which was then as known as Voice of Kenya. Fred Machoka currently hosts Rhumba show on Citizen TV and Radio.


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