Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei says Kenya Kwanza MPs who voted against the 2023 Finance Bill on Wednesday will be punished.

Taking to his Twitter handle, the outspoken politician asked the defiant lawmakers to get ready as they will soon be required to face Kenya Kwanza coalition disciplinary committee.

“The few elements within Kenya Kwanza MPs who opposed the Bill shall face party KK disciplinary action,” read part of his tweet.

While celebrating the passing of the bill, Cherargei said no one has the power to stop the transformation agenda by President William Ruto’s administration.

” We have vanquished the Azimio-OKA minority opposition to the bill into oblivion. The resurgence of Kenya Kwanza in Parliament is volcanic that shall H.E Ruto is unstoppable in the transformation of the country,” Cherargei  continued.

The Finance bill 2023 was discussed and  voted in parliament on June 14. The bill passed with 176 votes. Only 81 MPs opposed it.

Githunguri MP Gathoni Wamuchomba is among the Kenya Kwanza MPs who voted against the Bill.

Wamuchomba had earlier conducted meetings in her constituency to collect opinions of her constituents. Netizens had also begged her to vote against the Finance bill and she promised reject it, a promise.

The passing of the bill has however caused an uproar in the country.

The bill was aimed at amending various  laws relating to taxes and duties “to increase government revenues from taxes collected.”

Some of the proposals in the bill include increasing VAT on petroleum products from the current 8% to 16%, tax on digital creators to be raised to 15% from the current 5% among others.


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