willy paul

Willy Paul, born Wilson Abubakar Radido, is a Kenyan gospel and secular musician who rose to fame with his unique blend of gospel and secular music styles. He gained popularity in the Kenyan music scene with hit songs like “Sitolia,” “Tam Tam,” and “Jigi Jigi.”

Willy Paul has been involved in several controversies and scandals throughout his career, which have often sparked debate and discussion within the Kenyan music industry and among his fans.

Willy Paul has been involved in public feuds with other artists, both within and outside the Kenyan music industry. These conflicts have often played out on social media platforms, with Willy Paul exchanging heated exchanges with fellow musicians over various issues, including music styles, collaborations, and personal disagreements.

Willy Paul recently dissed another artist, saying they should stick to singing like Bongo artists if they can’t do English as well as him. ” Msee alitoa Album ya Kizungu na inasound Kizungu Mufti.” Willy Paul said.

Captioning the video he wrote: ” Had to address this matter before releasing my highly anticipated Album!! Nimejam sanaa!!” he advised Kenyan musicians not to compete with him if their English wasn’t up to par.

He also continued to give an advice to kenyan musicians stating that they should stop copying him. ” My advice to you Kenyan musicians is this, if your English s not good kama ya Pozze please wacha kucompete na Pozze.”

While Willy Paul didn’t name names, speculation arose that he was targeting Otile Brown, who had just dropped an album titled “GRACE,” featuring other Kenyan artists. Many fans interpreted the diss as a publicity stunt to hype his upcoming album release.

The drama doesn’t end there. Willy Paul found himself in hot water after Kenyan YouTuber Unni Praise exposed his repeated attempts to connect with her via direct messages. Screenshots of their conversations went viral, prompting other women to step forward with similar encounters, accusing him of a pattern of behavior.


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