The wife of an Indian businessman Jayesh Kumar Kanji who was murdered on Valentine’s day has confessed about plotting with his killers who doused the body with Acid to conceal their crime.

Jayaben was arraigned at Kibera Law courts before magistrate Irene Kahuya where she revealed that she only wanted to scare the husband and not to kill him since they were not in good terms with her husband.

She was arrested after investigations established that she was in contact with one of the four suspects who were earlier arrested in connection with the heinous murder. This is after  police conducted a data analysis on the suspect’s phone.

“She is reported to have asked the suspect to help her to discipline and torture her husband as the two had an altercation. The other suspect agreed and recruited others to execute the said plan.” Magistrate Irene Kahuya said.

On the day the businessman went missing, he was captured on CCTV footage walking his son to school in the company of  his wife along Kodi Road in Nairobi West at around 7:00am.

From the analysis, Jayaben made a phone call  at that particular moment, asking the suspect  to proceed with the mission.

Kumar was picked by Kaylan Verkariya Shivji who was driving a Toyota Prado and proceeded to Machakos in Lukenya Conservancy where Kumar met his killers. Three hours later his wife received a message that the mission had been accomplished.

The body of Kumar was discovered in a thicket by the security personnel at Lukenya Conservancy where they also recovered shoes, underwear, metal rods and a checked shirt with blood stains. They later reported the incident at the DCI offices in Kyumbi.

After visiting the scene, DCI detectives immediately began investigating the incident, hence leading to conclusions that  it was a well-planned murder plot involving the Wife and the suspects.

The court allowed police to detain Jayaben for 14 days as they continue with investigation on grounds that she is a flight risk.



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